• Founded with a vision to make enterprises adopt mobile as a channel for Business growth.
  • Founded by a Team of Strong Technology professionals with 50+ man years of Software Development experience, previously worked with Microsoft, Sun, and Intel.
  • Strong Mobile Technology Team that innovates in rapidly emerging areas like Social Multimedia, Messaging, Complete VAS
  • Extensive expertise in custom mobile application software development.
  • Deep technical Knowledge in major handheld and smartphone platforms help achieve a faster time to market.
  • Lower operational cost gives customers greater value for the money.
  • Follow industry standard engineering, product quality, delivery and support processes.
  • Delivers Reliable and Scalable solutions based on Open Source Software also help customers to manage volume and cost.


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C. Rama Krishna Reddy
Founder-Director and CEO

Ram, our CEO has over 18 years of experience in the fields of business intelligence, enterprise application integration, B2B sales, marketing and operations. He got his bearings as a developer at Compuware and grew to the rank of an architect. His career graph grew progressively as he held positions of importance at various technological firms such as Director of BI group at Microsoft, Development manager and IT manager at Intel. His strength and success lie in his hands-on approach to his work, his ability to define strategies and undertake their flawless execution.

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Tirumala Rao Bokka
Founder-Director and CTO

Tiru, our CTO has over 18 years of experience in wide-ranging areas of communications, computing, and software development. He has previously worked with DSET Corporation, a publicly-traded company based in New Jersey, at their Dallas, Texas office, where he was involved in product development for the telecommunications industry. He also held positions of importance at Software Technology Parks of India, Hyderabad and Network Programs Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. He added another feather to his entrepreneurial cap by co-founding Amplisoft Pvt. Ltd. His successful streak can be attributed to his strong technical skills, innovative vision, out-of-the-box thinking and attention to even the minutest details.

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Vijay Ch

Vijay, our COO has over 19 years of experience in infrastructure management, IT initiatives, technical and business operations. He has previously worked as the Operations Head Tanla, Intelligroup and STPI. His success lies in his ability to drive operations and the taskforces associated with it due to his management know-how and on-the-job experience.




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